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Top 5 school lunch choices

Top 5 school lunch choices

It's always easier to persuade children to eat the food they love. With that in mind we have highlighted the top 5 lunch choices our research shows children really like. All of these options provide plenty of opportunity for you to serve exciting, nutritious and balanced meals for children.

Keeping these meals 'front of mind' when planning your weekly menus will not only ensure you meet the School Food Standards, you will also keep the children you cater for happy and encourage more children to eat school meals.

Roast Lunch
- Roast Beef
- Roast Pork
- Roast Turkey
- Roast Chicken

Vegetables are a good source of the nutrients that children need. No less than 2 portions of fruit & vegetables should be available per day. Beef is a great source of iron.

- Brakes essentials Beef Topside Joints B30359 1 x 4.25kg
- Fresh Beef Topside Joint BR2016 1 x 5-6kg
- Brakes 3" Fully Baked Yorkshire Puddings B3090 1 x 60
- Brakes Roasting Potatoes B3955 4 x 2.5kg
- Brakes essentials Sweetcorn B4782 4 x 2.5kg
- Brakes essentials Choice Garden Peas B4753 4 x 2.5kg

Fish & Chips
- Breaded Pollack
- Battered Cod
- Cod Fillet Fish Finger
- Salmon Fish Finger

Fish is an excellent source of high quality protein. White fish is low in fat, oily fish is high in omega 3. MSC products are a great way to highlight sustainability on your menu.

- Brakes essentials Battercrisp Allaskan Pollack Fillets B31387 1 x 24 (110-140g)
- Brakes Healthier Choices French Fries B32374 6 x 2.5kg
- Brakes Cod Fillet Fish Fingers B32554 1 x 20 (25g)
- Brakes Battercrisp Cod Fillets B3288 1 x 24 (110-140g)

Pasta Dishes
- Tuna Pasta Bake
- Vegetable Lasagne
- Chicken Pasta Bake
- Spaghetti Bolognaise

Pasta is a great source of energy. Starchy foods provide carbohydrates, fibre, some iron and calcium. Include vegetables to increase nutritional content.

- Brakes essentials Tuna chunks in Brine 6359 1 x 1.7kg
- Brakes essentials Italian Penne Pasta 14403 1 x 3kg
- Brakes essentials Italian Non Pre-Cook Lasagne 28323 6 x 500g
- Mild White Cheddar Block C71129 1 x 4.75kg

- Spinach & chickpea
- Vegetable korma
- Salmon & potato
- Chicken Balti

Chickpeas are an easy addition to curry and are a good source of protein. Rice is a great accompaniment and is low in salt, fat and sugar.

- Brakes Chickpeas 13609 6 x 800g
- Cooked Diced Chicken Breast M81 2 x 2.5kg
- Sweet Potatoes BR1094 1 x 2.5kg
- Brakes Coconut Milk 11805 12 x 400ml

Wraps & Jacket Potatoes
- Quorn burritos
- Chicken enchiladas
- Spicy chicken wrap
- Cheese & beans jacket potato

Offering a "grab & go" option alongside main meals gives children choice. Potatoes are super rich in vitamins and minerals. The skin is a good source of fibre.

- Brakes 10" Fully Baked Flour Tortillas B4381 6 x 12 (56g)
- Cooked Sliced Chicken Breast M63 2 x 2.5kg
- Quorn Pieces B4034 1 x 1kg
- Baking Potatoes BR1165 1 x 10kg
- Brakes Healthier Choices Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce 28758 6 x 2.62kg
- Grated White Cheddar E154 1 x 2kg