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Themed eating days

Themed eating days
Themed eating events and days in your school are an excellent way to encourage more children to try school meals and get into the habit of eating school food. It will also help provide variety and excitement for children who already enjoy school food. Many themed eating days can easily be developed to include some key facts to help children understand and learn about different events, cultures, traditions and food types.

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Ideal to showcase a different culture and even celebrate Chinese New Year.

- Pork Stroganoff BR2058 1 x 2kg
- Brakes Sweet & Sour Sauce with Vegetables 89720 1 x 2.25kg
- Brakes Sliced Mixed Peppers B4793 1 x 1.5kg
- Beansprouts BR1323 1 x 225g
- Brakes Oriental Vegetable Stir Fry Mix B4784 1 x 1kg
- Sharwoods Prawn Crackers 89204 1 x 1kg

Eat Around the World
A great way to link food, geography and culture.

- Chicken Stroganoff BR2062 1 x 5kg
- Brakes Chilli Con Carne Sauce with Kidney Beans 89730 1 x 2.25kg
- Brakes Paprika 33585 6 x 500g
- Brakes essentials Easy Cook Basmati Rice 16805 1 x 5kg
- Brakes Italian Arborio Rice 26242 8 x 1kg

Curry Day
New and exciting flavours and tastes to inspire children.

- Brakes Curry Powder 33599 6 x 500g
- Brakes Tikka Sauce 89708 1 x 2.25kg
- Brakes Chickpeas in water 13609 6 x 800g
- Brakes Whole Brown Lentils 6082 1 x 3kg
- Brakes Chota Naan B4198 1 x 30 (45g)
- Brakes Mango Chutney 89121 1 x 3kg

World Burger Feast
Introduce new tastes with this all time favourite dish.

- Brakes 100% Beefburgers B3516 1 x 24 (113g)
- La Boulangerie Cobbled Sesame Seed Buns B56567 1 x 48
- Greek Feta Cheese C71026 2 x 1kg
- Brakes Sliced Jalapenos in Brine 9698 6 x 3kg
- Coriander BR1214 1 x 100g
- Brakes Salsa Sauce 89029 2 x 2.25ltr