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Maximising school food opportunities

Children’s eating habits are changing with traditional meal times becoming less common and snacking or grazing more prevalent. Schools must cater for these changing eating habits to increase the uptake of school meals. Brakes has new and innovative concepts to help caterers do just that and still meet the School Food Standards.

Brakes can work with you to influence the eating habits of school children through menu planning, nutritional advice and innovation.

The majority of children consume more saturated fat than is recommended, too much sugar, too much salt and do not get enough fruit and vegetables 

Meeting the standards
Brakes can meet all your needs for successful school catering:

- Offering a good range of menu choices and good value for money

- Working in partnership with schools to meet children’s needs and help maximise the take up of meals

- Procuring food in a more sustainable way

- Advising on operating sound food safety procedures

- Understanding how schools are managed and their relationships with children, staff and parents

The School Food Standards are aimed at encouraging children to enjoy a wide variety of food and promote a healthy diet:
- Encourage young people to eat more fruit, vegetables, starchy foods and oily fish and less fried food

- Serve foods lower in fat, sugar and salt

- Encourage children to drink more water and drinks such as fruit juice and milk that have added nutritional benefits