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Kitchen Management

Kitchen Management
Every school is different and your approach to making your kitchen and catering team work as efficiently and effectively as possible to deliver balanced and nutritional food to your children will be unique.

This section highlights some of the things our industry experts feel could help make school kitchens run well.

Waste management
Waste costs all food businesses money. Reducing waste will help your overall business. Here are some things to consider:

- Consider measuring food waste at the end of every service with a waste book
- Ensure all food thrown away by the kitchen is logged
- Carry out regular stock checks

Stock control
Regular stock checks are essential to a smooth running kitchen and will ensure you identify any potential issues early. Consider the following procedures:

- Delivery checks – including number of items, temperature, date and damage checks
- Quick stock check prior to ordering – we can supply stock and order sheets
- Stock rotation – first in, first out
- Clearly date mark any product once defrosted or opened

Hygiene & compliance
- Ensure food is stored and served at correct temperature and meets legal requirements
- Conduct and log regular temperature checks of chillers and freezers
- Use probes and probe wipes
- Do not leave food at room temperature for long
- Cool food quickly but do not put hot food in the fridge

You have a legal obligation to guarantee food standards. Preparing and supplying food which is safe requires careful food hygiene. This means handling and storing food safely and keeping premises, staff and equipment clean.

Cleaning & COSHH sheets
We can provide all the cleaning products you need for back of house and front of house.

- Set up cleaning regimes with regular checks for front of house areas
- Use our cleaning chart online to help with back of house cleaning regimes

COSHH sheets
All Brakes brand chemical products have MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health).