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Catering for occasions

Catering for occasions
Within the school calendar there are a number of events that may offer additional catering opportunities. For more information on our full party & buffet food range contact your local Area Sales Manager.

To place your order contact us on:
NI: 028 9260 3344
ROI: 0818 720 720

Heat & eat buffet
Perfect for when time and staffing are a challenge. This range is ready prepared so all you need to do is cook and serve.

B3078 Brakes Oriental King Prawn Rolls 1 x 50 (20g)
B34323 Brakes Mini Cottage Pies 1 x 48 (24g)
B34263 Brakes Mini Peppered Steak Pies 1 x 48 (26g)
B4048 Brakes Crispy Vegetable Parcels 1 x 60 (18g)
B34041 Brakes Mini Margarita Pizza 1 x 36 (28g)
B32314 Brakes Crushed Filo Coated King Prawns 1 x 50 (14g)
B30317 Brakes Healthier Choices MSC Thai Ginger Fish Brochettes 1 x 40 (50-60g)
B4062 Brakes Mini Indian Savoury Selection 1 x 60 (15g)
B34592 Brakes Vegetable Sate 1 x 70 (20g)
B32293 Brakes Sweet Potato Curry Bites 1 x 96 (18g)
BR1077 Mixed Lettuce (to garnish) 1 x 500g

Thaw & serve buffet
Ideal when convenience is a priority and you have large numbers to cater for and / or limited preparation and cooking facilities. These delicious buffet items can be thawed quickly and presented garnished to guests.

B2030 Brakes Barbecue Chicken Drumsticks 1 x 25 (64-88g)
B3014 Brakes essentials Buffet Savoury Eggs 1 x 50 
B30350 Brakes Cooked Chicken Fillet Saté 1 x 25 (25g)
B3948 Brakes essentials Buffet Pork Pies 1 x 48 (70g)
B32407 Brakes 1½" Fully Baked Buffet Pork Sausage Rolls 4 x 50 (24g)
B33681 Brakes Mini Smoked Salmon Bagels 1 x 48
B31593 Brakes Smoked Salmon Blinis 1 x 72 (10g)
B31855 Brakes Vegetarian Party Quiche Assortment 1 x 72
B30665 Brakes Mini Assorted Fruit Tartelette 1 x 60 (20g)
B32298 La Boulangerie Dairy Cream Eclairs 1 x 18 (90g)

Sports/sandwich buffet menu
Finger buffets offer great flexibility as the food items and equipment needed are much simpler. Partner tasty fillings with the ideal bread or wrap to produce perfect sandwiches for every event.

B4732 La Boulangerie Fully Baked 10" Spinach Wraps 6 x 12 (62g)
102444 Brakes Thick White Sliced Loaf 1 x 8 (800g)
102445 Brakes Thick Sliced Wholemeal Loaf 1 x 8 (800g)
ME001 Irish Sliced Cooked Ham 1 x 500g
M63 Sliced Cooked Chicken Fillet 2 x 2.5kg
BR1075 Coleslaw Mix 1 x 2.5kg
B32535 Brakes Buffet Selection Pack 1 x 120
35192 Brakes Ready Salted Crisps 1 x 12