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Vegetarian & Vegan Food

Vegetarian & Vegan Food
Great tasting vegetarian dishes

More diners than ever before are looking for vegetarian dishes on menus so offering an increased number of options will help secure your bookings.

View our vegetarian selection below and call us on the following number to place your order:

028 9260 3344 / 0818 720 720

B39903 Brakes Butternut Squash, Stilton & Spinach Risotto 1 x 12 (350g)
Risotto rice infused with a rich Stilton sauce, roasted buttnernut squash and spinach. 

B1241 Brakes Roasted Vegetable Lasagne 2 x 1.7kg 
Layers of white pasta filled with a rich tomato and roasted vegetable sauce, covered with a cheese sauce, topped with cheese. 

B1246 Brakes Vegetable Lasagne 2 x 1.75kg 
Multi portion layers of green pasta filled with a vegetable and tomato sauce, covered with a cheese sauce and topped with cheese.

B34053 Brakes Falafel & Spinach Burgers 1 x 24 (113g) 
Seasoned burger of chickpeas and fresh leaf spinach 

B89512 Brakes Individual Nut Loaf 1 x 8 (180g)
Individual nut loaf made with cashew, peanuts, almonds & walnuts, brue valley cheese and a blend of vegetables and herbs. 

B30860 Brakes Mediterranean Vegetable Tartlets 1 x 12 (170g)
Shortcrust pastry case filled with a chopped tomato sauce, topped with red and yellow peppers, courgettes and onions roasted in rapeseed oil and herbs.

B31224 Brakes Caramelised Red Onion & Goats Cheese Filo Tart 1 x 8 (195g) 
Filo pastry tart of red onions caramelised with balsamic vinegar, butter & demerara sugar topped with French goat's cheese.

B3089 Brakes 11" Roast Vegetable Quiche 1 x 12ptn
Leeks, courgettes, mixed peppers, cheese, tomato & onion filling.

B31832 Brakes Four Cheese Ravioli  3 x 1kg 
Egg pasta squares with four cheese filling. 


B34362 Brakes Spinach, Chickpea & Sweet Potato Curry 1 x 12 (300g) 
Chickpeas, sweet potato, onion & spinach in a coconut sauce with garlic and spices. 


B33647 Brakes Asparagus, Broad Bean & Roasted Garlic Risotto 1 x 12 (350g) 
Roasted risotto rice infused with Italian style hard cheese & roasted garlic sauce with asparagus & bored beans in a microwavable tray 


B33903 Brakes Butternut Squash, Stilton & Spinach Risotto 1 x 12 (350g) 
Individual portions of risotto rice infused with a rich stilton sauce & roasted butternut squash 


For more information on our full vegetarian and vegan range contact us on 028 9260 3344 or 0818 720 720.