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Following the sharing theme, this tempting tiramisu will delight and with such a huge a fan base, this indulgent dessert will go down a storm. It needs at least an hour to chill, so is brilliant if you want to make in advance and have ready to go when needed. Warning: please politely remind diners to share..




Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee 15g (1791)
Coffee Liqueur 60ml 
Mascarpone 250g (T2075) 
Sweetened Condensed Milk 85g (4515)
Vanilla Pods 1 (318)
Lyons Trifle Sponges 1 (N4237)
Cocoa Powder 1 g (89938)




Add the coffee liqueur & 75ml of cold water to the coffee mix, stir well & pour into a shallow dish - set aside. Next make up the cream layer by beating the mascarpone, condensed milk & vanilla seeds with an electric whisk until thick & smooth.

Break the sponge fingers into 2 pieces and place in the coffee mixture for a couple of seconds and put equal quantities of the soaked sponge into wine or sundae glasses.

Now top with the cream & finish with a dusting of cocoa, ideally allow to chill for about 1hr before serving

Chefs tips: - Replace sponge with Amaretti biscuits code 85943