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Thai Salmon Salad


Scallions BR1197 (Cut into juliennes)
Fresh Mangetout BR1139 (cut into juliennes) 
Fresh Cos Lettuce BR1170 (torn)
Red Peppers BR1192 (Cut into juliennes)
Red Chilli Peppers BR1127 (de-seeded & sliced)
Brakes Whole Cashew Nuts 1622
Sesame Oil 89948
Lemons BR1024 
Limes BR1025 
Fresh Salmon Darnes BR9014 (cooked & flaked)
Fresh Coriander BR1214 


In a bowl combine the spring onions, mangetout, cos lettuce, peppers, chillies and cashew nuts. Make a simple dressing using the oil, citrus zest and juice. 

Dress a plate with the salad ingredients and top with the salmon flakes, drizzle over the dressing and garnish with coriander leaves.