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Salmon on Beetroot and Caramelised Onion Rice

Salmon on Beetroot and Caramelised Onion Rice
Salmon Fillet on a warm beetroot & caramelised red onion rice salad 


Red Onions BR1149 (5 peeled & sliced) 
Brakes essentials Olive Oil 33889 (5tbsp)
Brakes Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (5tbsp)
Fresh Salmon Darnes BR9014 (10 darnes)
Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Rice 102078 (300g)
Beetroot BR1111 
Lemons BR1024 
Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley BR1217 


Slowly caramelise the red onions in the olive oil in a frying pan. When very soft add the balsamic vinegar, let bubble then remove from the heat. 

Pan fry the salmon darnes. Put aside to rest for a couple of minutes. 

Cook the rice per instructions, add the beetroot, lemon juice, parsley, cooked onions and season. 

Plate the rice salad, top with the salmon and sprigs of parsley.