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Malay Prawn Curry

Malay Prawn Curry
Fresh prawns were born for these flavours. Capturing the taste of South East Asia, this impactful Malaysian inspired curry dish complemented by the sweetness of the butternut, is the perfect dish for adding a little excitement to any menu..




Warm Water Whole Black Tiger King Prawns B31235
Malay Curry Paste 113308
Coconut Milk 11850
Butternut Squash Diced BR1057
Mangetout BR1139
Coriander BR1214
Sunflower Oil 5507




Defrost prawns, peel, remove heads and deveined.


In a heavy based saucepan, fry the curry paste with the oil to release the aromats & spices. Add the coconut milk then bring to a simmer stirring well.


Once nicely mixed, add the butternut squash and simmer until just cooked then add the prawns and mangetout.


Cook for a further 4-5 minutes until the prawns are just cooked and the mangetout is crunchy.


Spoon into bowls then garnish with coriander.