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Irish Stew

Irish Stew
This traditional Irish Stew recipe is perfect for cold winter days or to add a special local dish to your menu. 


Fresh Lamb Neck Fillet BR9510 - 1 x 3-4kg 
Carrots BR2066 - 1 x 2.5kg 
Chef's Choice Onions BR1314 - 1 x 1kg 
New Season Potatoes BR1339 - 1 x 10kg 
Celery BR1124 1 x 1 
Brakes Lamb Flavour Bouillon Paste 34062 2 x 1kg 
Brakes Bay Leaves 33588 1 x 50g 
Brakes Thyme 33595 - 1 x 210g
Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley BR1217 - 1 x 100g 


Place all of the ingredients into a large pan ensuring the stock covers everything. Bring to the boil, skimming the liquid as necessary. Simmer covered for approximately 2 hours until the lamb is tender. Skim off any excess fat, sprinkle with chopped parsley to serve.

Irish Soda Bread 

Brakes Wholemeal Flour 19864 - 1 x 1.5kg 
Brakes Plain Flour 10867 - 1 x 1.5kg 
Brakes Bicarbonate of Soda 33596 - 1 x 1.1kg 
Dale Farm Unsalted Butter G3214 - 1 x 40(250g)
Strathroy Semi Skimmed Milk 459285 - 6 x 2ltr 
Brakes Lemon Juice 86079 - 12 x 500ml