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Gin Cured Salmon

Gin Cured Salmon
Gin Cured Salmon with Goat's Cheese, Gherkin & Red Chard Salad

Brakes table salt (33706)
Caster Sugar (301)
Limes (BR1025)
Whole Coriander Seeds (103351)
Salmon (BR9026)
Red Chard (BR1196)
Cocktail Gherkins in Vinegar (86822)
Brakes Mature Goat's Cheese Log (C71250)

Combine the salt, sugar, lime zest, crushed coriander seeds and gin. Spoon half of the mixture into a dish, add the salmon and cover with the remaining mixture. Cover with cling film and refrigerate overnight. Rinse and pat dry. Cut thin slices and serve on a bed of chard, finely chopped gherkin and slices of goat's cheese.

Why not try ...

Grilling the goat's cheese slightly for extra flavour