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Brakes produce is supplied by Readychef, a second generation family business based in Dublin. Readychef supply a full range of fresh and prepared fruits, salads, vegetable and potato products.

The range includes: 

BR1007 Cooking Apples 1 x 13kg 
BR1004 Sliced Apples 1 x 10kg 
BR1009 Red Apples 1 x 1.5kg 
BR1010 Mixed Apples 1 x 12.5kg 
BR1248 Golden Delicious Apples 1 x 20 

BR1040 Pears 1 x 1kg 
BR1264 Pears 1 x 10kg 

Oranges & Clementines 
BR1033 Juicing Oranges 1 x 15kg 
BR1034 Large Oranges 1 x 15kg 
BR1036 Medium Oranges 1 x 15kg 
BR1350 Orange Segments 1 x 5kg 
BR1046 Clementines 1 x 10kg 

Peaches & Nectarines 
BR1047 Peaches 1 x 1kg
BR1408 Nectarines 1 x 1kg 

BR1011 Medium Bananas 1 x 13kg 
BR1231 Large Bananas 1 x 18kg 
BR1254 Ready to Eat Bananas 1 x 3kg 

BR1000 Honeydew Melon Pieces 1 x 5kg 
BR1026 Cantelope Malon 1 x 6 
BR1028 Galia Melon 1 x 6 
BR1030 Honeydew Melon 1 x 9 
BR1258 Watermelon 1 x 1

BR1002 Pineapple Pieces 1 x 5kg 
BR1043 Pineapple 1 x 1 

BR1018 Black Grapes 1 x 500g 
BR1019 Green Graepes 1 x 500g 

BR1047 Strawberries 1 x 8 (250g)
BR1048 Strawberries 1 x 250g
BR1013 Blackberries 1 x 125g
BR1014 Blueberries 1 x 125g
BR1016 Raspberries 1 x 125g 

Lemons & Limes 
BR1023 Lemons 1 x 10kg 
BR1328 Limes 1 x 4.5kg 

BR1165 Baking Potatoes 1 x 10kg 
BR1301 Maris Piper potatoes 1 x 25kg 
BR1094 Sweet Potatoes 1 x 2.5kg 
BR1363 Peeled Potatoes 1 x 9kg 
BR1298 Sliced Potatoes 1 x 5kg 
BR1300 Diced Potatoes 1 x 9kg 
BR1345 Chateau Potato 1 x 5kg 

BR1246 Carrots 1 x 10kg
BR1065 Sliced Carrots 1 x 5kg 
BR1068 Diced Carrots 1 x 2.5kg 
BR1355 Baton Carrots 1 x 5kg 
BR1286 Chantenay Carrots 1 x 5kg 
BR1397 Rainbow Carrots 1 x 5kg 

BR1154 Parsnips 1 x 5kg 
BR1087 Baton Parsnips 1 x 2.5kg 

Cauliflower & Broccoli 
BR1121 Cauliflower 1 x 9 
BR1072 Cauliflower Florets 1 x 2.5kg 
BR1114 Broccoli 1 x 6 
BR1052 Broccoli Florets 1 x 2.5kg 

BR1143 Mushrooms 1 x 2.27kg 
BR1079 Sliced Mishrooms 1 x 2.5kg 
BR1141 Flat Breakfast Mushrooms 1 x 1.36kg 

BR1201 Tomatoes 1 x 6kg 
BR1203 Beef Tomatoes 1 x 7kg 
BR1199 Red Cherry Tomatoes 1 x250g