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Morelli's Ice Cream

Brakes are delighted to be working with award winning ice cream makers - Morelli's to supply customers with a fantastic ice cream range just in time for Summer.  Morelli’s are famous across Ireland for their delicious and creamy ice cream. With a comprehensive and ever changing selection of flavours Morelli’s ice cream is a natural choice for the foodservice sector. 

Brakes are providing customers with a wide variety of flavours ranging from traditional vanilla, chocolate & strawberry to more modern flavours including sea salted caramel and rhubarb & custard. The range even includes a diabetic friendly vanilla ice cream perfect for the healthcare sector. 

Morelli’s Ice Cream Range 

Z1011 Morelli’s Vanilla Senza Diabetic Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Dairy vanilla ice cream made using natural sweetners – diabetes friendly 

Z1001 Morelli’s Double Cream Vanilla Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Champion of Champions – voted best vanilla in the UK & Ireland 2012/13

Z1002 Morelli’s French Vanilla Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Custard based vanilla with real vanilla pods

Z1010 Morelli’s Strawberry Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Tangy strawberry base with real strawberry fruit pulp 

Z1000 Morelli’s Chocolate Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Our famous milk chocolate base, made using Cadbury’s cocoa powder  

Z1004 Morelli’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Crème de Menthe base with Belgian dark chocolate curls 

Z1005 Morelli’s Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Double cream vanilla swirled with a rich raspberry Variegato 

Z1008 Morelli’s Rhubard & Custard Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Custard flavour base rippled with a fresh rhubarb compote 

Z1003 Morelli’s Honeycomb Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Double cream vanilla with crunchy honeycomb pieces 

Z1009 Morelli’s Sea Salty Caramel Ice Cream – 1 x 4ltr 
Delicate caramel base blended & frozen with the finest coarse Sea Salt flakes

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For more information on our Morelli’s Ice Cream range or to place an order please contact Telesales on 028 9260 3344 / 0818 720 720.