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Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish
Brakes source fresh fish on a daily basis from partner supplier Keenan Seafood, a third generation family business. Keenan Seafood supply a wide range of fish sourced from local ports including Kilkeel, Portavogie, Greencastle, Dunmore East and Howth.

The company has its own team of trained fish filleters who prepare the fish each day to meet customer specifications and they also have their own smoking operation to produce popular brands of natural smoked cod, haddock and coley. 

BR9001 Cod Fillet 1 x 3kg 
BR9002 Skin on Cod Fillet 1 x 3kg 
BR9004 Cod Counts 25's 1 x 3kg 
BR9059 Cod Counts 30's 1 x 3kg 
BR9060 Cod Counts 35's 1 x 3kg 
BR9061 Cod Count's 40's 1 x 3kg 

BR9005 Haddock Counts 25's 1 x 3kg 
BR9062 Haddock Count's 30's 1 x 3kg 
BR9063 Haddock Counts 35' 1 x 3kg
BR9064 Haddock Count's 40's 1 x 3kg 
BR9003 Haddock Fillet 1 x 3kg 

BR9006 Coley Counts 1 x 3kg 
BR9007 Coley Skin On 1 x 3kg

BR9008 Whiting Fillets 1 x 3kg 
BR9009 Whiting Fillets 1 x 3kg 

Oil Rich Fish 
BR9015 Mackerel Fillets 1 x 3kg 
BR9016 Trout Fillets 1 x 3kg 
BR9017 Seatrout Fillets 1 x 2kg 
BR9018 Boned Herring Fillets 1 x 3kg 

BR9010 Salmon Fillet 1 x 3kg 
BR9011 Salmon Fillet 1 x 3kg 
BR9012 Whole Salmon Filleted 1 x 3kg 
BR9013 Whole Salmon 1 x 3kg 
BR9014 Salmon Darnes 1 x 3kg 
BR9073 Salmon Off Cuts 1 x 2kg 
BR9071 Whiskey & Maple Cured Salmon 1 x 3kg 

Smoked Fish 
BR9019 Dyed Smoked Cod Fillet 1 x 3kg 
BR9020 Dyed Smoked Haddock Fillet 1 x 3kg 
BR9021 Dyed Smoked Coley 1 x 3kg 
BR9022 Pale Smoked Cod Fillet 1 x 3kg 
BR9023 Pale Smoked Haddock 1 x 3kg 
BR9024 Pale Smoked Coley Fillet 1 x 3kg 
BR9025 Smoked Whiting Fillet 1 x 3kg 
BR9065 Pale Smoked Hake 1 x 2kg 

Ready to Eat 
BR9028 Smoked Mackerel Fillet 1 x 3.17kg 
BR9029 Prepared Mackerel Fillet 1 x 3.17kg 
BR9030 Crayfish Tails 2 x 900g 
BR9031 Rollmop Herrings 1 x 3kg 

Smoked Salmon 
BR9026 Long Sliced Smoked Salmon 1 x 1.5kg 
BR9027 Smoked Salmon 1 x 200g 
BR9072 Smoked Salmon Trimmings 1 x 1kg 

Exotic Fish
BR9032 Seabass Fillets 1 x 2kg 
BR9033 Seabass Fillets 1 x 2kg 
BR9034 Seabream Fillets 1 x 2kg 
BR9035 Whole Seabass 1 x 3kg 
BR9036 Whole Seabream 1 x 3kg 
BR9037 Stone Bass Fillets 1 x 2kg 

Shellfish & Speciality 
BR9038 Mussels in Shell 1 x 3kg 
BR9039 Oysters 1 x 24 
BR9040 Fresh KingScallops 1 x 2kg 
BR9042 Portavogie Prawn Meat 1lb x 4 
BR9043 Battered Scampi 1 x 5lb 
BR9044 Razor Clams 1 x 3kg 
BR9045 Brown Shrimp 2 x 1kg 

Choice Fish 
BR9046 Plaice Fillets 1 x 2kg 
BR9047 Whole Plaice Skinned 1 x 2kg 
BR9048 Lemon Sole Fillets 1 x 2kg 
BR9049 Whole Lemons Skinned 1 x 2kg 
BR9050 Dover Sole 1 x 2kg 
BR9051 Red Gurnard Fillets 1 x 2kg 
BR9052 Hake Fillets 1 x 2kg 
BR9053 Monktail Filleted 1 x 2kg 
BR9054 Turbot Filleted 1 x 2kg 
BR9055 Brill Filleted 1 x 2kg 
BR9056 Hailbut Filleted 1 x 2kg 
BR9057 Squid 1 x 2kg 

BR9058 Chowder Mix 1 x 2kg