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About us

Brakes is a dedicated all Ireland foodservice provider and “one stop shop” for every kind of business, with depots in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Lisburn and Strabane.

We deliver an extensive range of fresh, frozen, ambient and non-food products all designed specifically for foodservice and all offering excellent value for money.

Alongside offering the exceptional quality of the Brakes Brand we also stock a wide range of locally sourced products specific to the island of Ireland ensuring we have the right choice for every occasion.

Our team of development chefs is constantly creating new, innovative and bespoke products to help you tempt your customers and our dieticians can offer help and advice in planning your menu.

We are recognised for sourcing, creating and delivering the best products in foodservice year after year, underlining our total commitment to service and innovation. When we’re not thinking about products, we are finding new ways to make your life easier, developing and improving solutions for your business.


Brakes Ireland and Pallas Foods: We’re better together!

In February 2017 we began the process of bringing together Pallas Foods and Brakes Ireland to form one company. Sysco, the largest U.S. food distributor, is the parent company of both Brakes and Pallas Foods

This is an exciting opportunity for us to create Ireland’s premier foodservice distributor.

We will combine Pallas Foods’ extensive range and delivery network with Brakes Group’s huge range of own-brand foodservice goods.

Over the Spring and Summer of 2017 our focus will be on bringing together our operations in the Republic of Ireland, operating under the Pallas Foods Brand. We have started engaging our customers, suppliers and colleagues in this process, which will take place in stages over the coming months.

Brakes and Pallas Foods will continue to operate on a separate basis in Northern Ireland, at this stage. If you are a customer or a supplier, we will be in touch to talk about our new combined Republic of Ireland business in more detail.