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Northern Ireland Year of Food & Drink 2016

Northern Ireland Year of Food & Drink 2016
Northern Ireland's Year of Food and Drink 2016 is a celebration of everything delicious about this place. The epic landscapes, traditions and people that make our food heritage so unique. With 366 days of foodie experiences, there will be no better time for visitors to enjoy a true taste of Northern Ireland.


We at Brakes are delighted to support the Northern Ireland Year of Food & Drink by bringing local supplied products to our customers. Throughout the year we will be promoting local suppliers and their products following the NI Year of Food & Drink Calendar. 
The year kicks off with Breakfast month & we have some fantastic locally sourced Breakfast products on offer including:


- Delicious Pork sausages sourced from Elliott's Traditional, a small family business started 50 years ago! 
- Artisanal, homestyle Potato & Soda bread from Genesis Crafty, a business with 6 brothers who are also 6 bakers 
- Traditional Porridge Oat Flakes from White's Oats, a co-operatively owned business, with profits reinvested into the business & farming community 
- Tasty locally sourced eggs from Ballygarvey Eggs, all from hens fed a traditional grain diet 
- Mouth-watering bacon sourced from Europa foods, a local business established in 1996 
- Tea from the Thompson family -who are the Family behind Northern Ireland's best selling teas, Punjana 


For fantastic prices on these great local products check out our promotions